I know it is difficult to get excited by steps but once you see really beautiful ones (or were you to own them yourself) you begin to appreciate the difference they make to a property.  To get them right you have to have a very skilled builder (who is cutting very thick, difficult and expensive […]

Lighting up the forest in February

It was a pretty bleak day on Sunday, the first of February, overcast and rather cold and drizzly.  But if you have Jack Russell dogs there is no alternative but to go out and give them a good walk… and my mother always says “never look at rain, get into it” – you feel much […]

How to grout the cobbles! This is a totally back breaking job even for the most energetic, strong, resilient builder.  Bending over, scraping down in minute detail, brushing out old detritus, adding in new, then forcing into spaces with small tool and then brushing over – then repeating the excercise!  I have to take my […]

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