Red, yellow, orange, black, grey and green garden with plant list!

Red and yellow and orange and black and grey and green  contemporary garden     Here we have the garden as it is being built – you can see the paths going in Hideous concrete wall  40 M long to be masked by espalier fruit trees  This is a very large and unusual garden. It has […]

Cottage gardening – not as easy as it looks

The whole essence of a cottage garden is its wild and natural look.  So natural that it seems as though it has been untouched by human has grown out of untended ground with little help from anyone but not so!!  Most cottage gardens take quite a lot of trouble.  Where do the plants come […]

Caroline’s vintage garden in Wandsworth

My garden in Wandsworth is not really a very good example of my garden design as it has evolved over 20 years with almost zero input from me!  It is almost a classic case of the “cobbler’s shoes”.  However it has also had an unbelievable bashing in the last 9 months as my son, Freddie, […]

I had quite a rushed trip to the Chelsea Flower Show this year, and I think I could recommend this approach!  I had to concentrate my mind and find the essentials.  There were, without doubt, some beautiful gardens, clever ideas and stunning builds and anyway who am I to sit here at my computer and […]

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