Cottage gardening – not as easy as it looks

The whole essence of a cottage garden is its wild and natural look.  So natural that it seems as though it has been untouched by human has grown out of untended ground with little help from anyone but not so!!  Most cottage gardens take quite a lot of trouble.  Where do the plants come […]

Caroline’s vintage garden in Wandsworth

My garden in Wandsworth is not really a very good example of my garden design as it has evolved over 20 years with almost zero input from me!  It is almost a classic case of the “cobbler’s shoes”.  However it has also had an unbelievable bashing in the last 9 months as my son, Freddie, […]

6 of my favourite roses – pinks, yellows, oranges

Whenever I talk to a client about their plants and planting plan I always do my best to get them to buy in to the idea of having some roses.  I think the recent trend has been to ignore them a bit in planting plans and I’m not sure why.  They just don’t seem to […]

Ordered chaos? Shabby chic? New Vintage? Just love it

I was trying to describe to someone exactly what I meant by New Vintage the other day and I was left a bit speechless as there was too much to say.. Is it soft pinks with deep romantic reds?  Is it ordered chaos or shabby chic?  Is it natural over ordered?  Is it roses instead […]

New Vintage gardens like a puddle

“There is no concept of diversity of habitats for wildlife, of puddles for swallows to get mud from to make their nests with.  The shabby charm that once pervaded English country gardens has been lost to horticultural Brazilians”.  “Native trees are replaced with garden-centre specimens – preferably gold, variegated and purple-leaved – all shaped into […]