A day at Great Dixter

Great Dixter was the family home of gardener and gardening writer Christopher Lloyd – it was the focus of his energy and enthusiasm and fuelled over 40 years of books and articles. Now under the stewardship of Fergus Garrett and the Great Dixter Charitable Trust, Great Dixter is an historic house, a garden, a centre of […]

I’m loving pink

What a fabulous colour… soft, muted, adorable PINK.  Look at these…

How to create a vista in a typical town garden

How to create a vista in a typical town garden A vista or the feeling of space and distance in a relatively small garden is ambitious but achievable.  Even in a 10 acre site getting the proportions and balance is exacting so in a fairly typical London long and narrow garden this can be difficult […]

New Vintage in a small town plot

I have chosen my friend Posy as a case study for my New Vintage garden design theme. This is because she too has a New Vintage approach to planting and garden design.   This approach blends contemporary naturalistic planting with a palette of soft colour and every now and then a surprise of rich colour and […]

3 Unusual plants for New Vintage gardens

Here are some unusual plants for the middle to back of a New Vintage border.  Just add them for their originality and fun.  They are not very common and yet they are all reasonably robust so we can use them very effectively for variety and interest. Nectaroscordum are deciduous bulbous perennials with linear, garlic-scented leaves […]

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