The Isabella Plantation May 2012

The Isabella plantation in Richmond Park is looking so pretty.  I live in Wandsworth and it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get there – I’d go every day in May if I could, but if you go just once you won’t be disappointed I promise you… I banged on about this last year […]

Bluebells once again – I’m hooked!

Who needs to travel when they have this at the bottom of their garden? These beautiful bluebells belong to a girlfriend of mine who has a bluebell wood in her garden in West Sussex!  These really do remind you how beautiful this country can be and this time of year is particularly spectacular with all […]

West Green gardens again!

I had another lovely day at West Green House in Hartley Wintney yet again yesterday (one of my favourite places – see last July’s blog).  We were lucky because we got a lovely day – that does NOT mean that there was bright sunshine but it did mean that we had a softly lit, Spring, […]

Caroline’s visit to Vann garden

Vann means a fen or a bog but do not be put off by this! The house itself dates back to the 16th century and there is everything there to give you that feel of a rich heritage and well loved home and garden over the years.  It has an extremely inauspicious approach with no […]