Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden: Barn Hill in Hertfordshire

Last week I visited Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden in Hertfordshire.  I caught it just in time as the prairie garden was coming to an end BUT there were still a lot of wonderful specimens and also some Rudbeckia seedheads which were magnificent in their own right.  This day was organised by the Garden Museum at Lambeth Palace.  If you are not a member you might like to think about it as you can see they organise quite a few interesting visits and lectures:

Tom has planted a wealth of fabulous grasses and fabulous rare plants which are tall and dramatic.  Here are just a few of the sights that I saw.

And here are some of the exceptional plants:

Anamanthele lessoniana

Aster azureus

Aster novae-angliae Septemberubin

Aster oblongifolius

Aster turbinellus

Callirhoe bushii

Catanache caerulea

Coreopsis tripteris

Cracocephalum rupestre

Echinacea purpurea

Eryngium yuccifolium

Euphoribia collorata

Hesperanthera coccinea

Knifophia triabulairs

Liatris pycnostachya

Liatris carioda alba

Rudbeckia fullllllllgida Deamii

Rudbeckian maxima seedheads

Silphium laciniatum

Succissa pratensis


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