Victoria’s Backyard in Wandsworth

Victoria Summerley’s garden was opened for a National Garden Open Day yesterday and although, if you look at Victoria’s blog (Victoria’s Backyard) , you will see her fantastic photos I thought I would post a few of mine too!  There are one or two things that stand out in this garden.  First of all it is almost unbelievable that it can only be about 80 feet long and in to that space she has managed to get no less that 5 seating areas and 3 water features, about 20 plant pots and a fire basket!  She has also managed to fit in a good sized lawn which makes the garden look bigger and a small garden shed.  There are some very large plants too – such as the phormium.  But what I particularly like is Victoria’s ability to juxtapose large buxus balls with fuschsias, begonias, heucheras, bamboos, sedums and grasses – sort of classical english with a tropical twist or more to the point – classical tropical with an english garden twist!  The garden has a wonderful peaceful aura and I am sure could be enjoyed in any type of weather; the plants provide tremendous shade, but no doubt look fabulous in bright sunshine (she has some very hot yellows, reds and oranges – not a soft blue or pink in sight) and equally on a rainy day when the large leaved fatsias etc will drip with glossy precipitation.

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