Three garden rooms

This house in Wandsworth had been fully modernised. At the back of the house there are large doors onto the garden which, when we first looked at it, was in a terrible mess – quite apart from anything else it had been the builders’ dumping ground during the refurbishment. Clearly the client needed to improve their outlook!
The garden is north facing but with a very open aspect therefore gets a lot of light if not much direct sunlight. It was quickly apparent that the best seating area was at the end of the garden although the original terrace was close to the house.

We decided to give the garden definition by creating three “rooms” – the morning room by the house – a small terrace and lawn with soft planting surrounded by a gravel path leading towards the second room which was a further small lawn this time surrounded by a low buxus hedge and with a bench and raised bed – planted with herbs and grasses. The third room reached by this same path contains the evening entertaining space hidden behind rose covered trellising where there is also a garden shed and BBQ. The client asked for ‘romantic colourful planting’ which we created by using amongst other plants old climbing roses, peonies, aquilegias, achilleas and foxgloves. We also added some high lateral trellis lathes and a group of 3 silver birches at the top end of the garden to mask an ugly building which overlooked the garden.

The client said: “We’ve been extremely pleased with the garden advice & design from Caroline – she listened very carefully to our ideas and requirements and spent a lot of time helping us figure out exactly what we wanted from the garden. She was enthusiastic and very sympathetic to our ideas but also brought a good dose of realism in respect of upkeep and practicality with a small child around! We were so pleased with the design – it was something we would never have come up with ourselves and it incorporated brilliantly the key things we both wanted.

One year on, the garden looks stunning. We are really happy with it and it gives us a huge amount of pleasure every day! We would highly recommend Caroline.”

J Howson, Wandsworth.

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