Seaside Garden on the South East Coast

This client has a garden which overlooks the sea on the south east coast. The house is a new build with large windows upstairs and down and the garden is overlooked by a public footpath at the end of it. She felt rather over looked and wanted a seating area that might give some form of privacy so we have lowered an area to provide a sunken garden. She also wanted hedging and planting as windbreaks, new paving and a water feature.

The sunken garden and raised beds have been made out of wooden sleepers and decking and the water for the water feature is in place; we are awaiting the arrival of a “globe” water feature. The planting has not been finished. Griselinia littoralis has been planted to give the lines of hedging and the plants we have chosen will have some resistance to seaside weather… we cannot be sure! We are also putting in some coastal shrubs at the end of the garden such as tamarix, hippophae and escalonia with some pinus mugo and phormium to add to the interest.

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