Pretty and Practical Garden in South East London

This south-east London garden was totally overgrown with heavy climbers, long messy grass and large woody shrubs. In fact it was so overgrown our client never went in to it which was a pity as once we had excavated the garden we found it appeared much bigger than we originally thought. There were some very ropey steps and a wall far too close to the house so we pushed the patio area back into the garden and built a new rendered wall coped with Indian sandstone to match the paving. We replaced the concrete paving and built two sets of pretty steps leading from two different doorways. There is a higher level which is gravelled where the client is going to put a small cafe table and at the back of the garden there is a further gravelled area where there will be a statue – this latter area has created a vista through the garden which has opened it up enormously.

The planting is simple and structured using buxus and lavenders etc. This garden design shows that it is perfectly possible to use Indian sandstone to good effect despite being at the cheaper end of the paving spectrum.

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