Pop Up Garden in South West London

This is a long narrow garden in Clapham, which is seen from the owners’ flat above and is reached by a narrow passage running along side the house. At the back of the garden is a church with pretty windows.
The owners wanted a light, contemporary and easy to maintain garden. We thought if you can have a capsule wardrobe why not have a capsule garden?! I think you could pop this garden in almost anywhere hence the capsule description.

We juxtaposed paving with decking and put in staggered raised beds to give some interest but specifically to widen the effect of the garden. At the back there will be a table and therefore we added built in seating. No room for anything else.

The wood is cedar which will tone down in due course but is a wonderful red colour at the moment, and the paving is a light cream limestone which brings out the cedar tones of the wood.

We painted their original fencing with Cuprinol Garden Shades – Natural Stone to blend with the limestone and trellising.

The lighting is very important – there are 8 uplighters and 2 spotlights lighting up this tiny garden – very important to give it depth and texture, especially in winter when the client looks at it from above.

The church lights behind also light up which gives a very dramatic effect.
The planting is pittosporum tobiras and ilex crenata balls to give structure with a pittosporum ‘Emerald Dome’ shrub at the back RHS which will also be topiaried in due course. The small standard tree is an olive and the rest of the planting is lavenders, heucheras, euphorbias, sedums and liriopes.

Client testimonial
“Thanks for designing our garden, I could definitely say that with Peter, you transformed our small garden from a quirky unusable space to a modern well designed and functional area. We also love the lighting and at night the contrast with the church in the background is amazing. The result is well above our expectations and the execution was flawless”.

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