Wimbledon Family Garden

This South London garden was in a complete mess and the house was being stripped out and redeveloped. This is a North West facing garden where the best light hit the garden halfway down on the RHS in the late afternoon and early evening. The owners wanted new fencing, new lawn, a new patio, a new shed, a small separate seating area, and new flower beds. BUT they didn’t want to spend too much money! So we decided to get interest into the garden by concentrating on a good structure for the lawn and flower beds and struck upon an “hour glass” shape. We built the patio with sandstone and edged it with brick which we copied further up the garden on the RHS. We put in Jacksons fencing and trellising. The planting is pretty and simple as is the rest of the garden.. a triumph for a low price! Another successful project from Carline Garland, one of the leading garden designers in South London.

Project Photos