A bit of Country in the Town

This garden in Streatham was, as usual, a mess and it was impossible to even see how large the garden was as the shrubs were so overgrown. The garden got most sun in the evening at the end of the garden so we decided to make a feature of the end space for an entertaining area.

The client wanted the planting to be squares of interesting shrubs so we planted shrubs very close together which will eventually form hedging that can be shaped into blocks – buxus, pittisporum, berberis and lavenders. The effect is just a very pretty and lovely garden… not too minimalist for once!


Hope you are well! The weather has been quite nice lately; even though we’ve been slightly busy with work we could still find the time to enjoy the garden! I think it’s doing quite well; every plant with the exception  of one Pittosporum tobira has survived so far. Escallonia looks very nice; the leaves are glossy and there are loads of pink flowers. Lonicera nitida looks a bit untidy; can’t wait to trim it later in the year. One of the Paul Scarlet roses is in bloom and the colour is very beautiful; I’m also expecting to see quite a few flowers on the Cardinal de Richlieu roses soon. Saxifraga urbium is a very nice plant and has been flowering non-stop. In short, most plants seem to be doing well and we really like the garden; no comparison to how it used to be!

I also want to put in a few more climbers – at the very least, in the pocket next to the house and along the back fence. I’m thinking of maybe Hydrangea anomala and maybe some more Trachelospermum jasminoides (along the back fence). So difficult to make choices 🙂 That’s why we are really glad you helped us with the design and implementation of the garden!
Best regards,
Olga, Kostya

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