Long and narrow garden

This garden had very little to recommend it on first sight. Bad fencing, messy lawn, unstructured planting. Our client wanted an uncluttered, attractive area in which to entertain but leaving as much lawn space as possible for their two little girls to play in. Here you can see what we have done. We have yet […]

Seaside Garden on the South East Coast

This client has a garden which overlooks the sea on the south east coast. The house is a new build with large windows upstairs and down and the garden is overlooked by a public footpath at the end of it. She felt rather over looked and wanted a seating area that might give some form […]

Elegant and Minimalist Garden Design using top Quality Materials

This tiny Clapham garden at the back of a beautiful new development. The fence to the left was sitting on a wall and on the other side was the public pavement. The clients wanted to build a wall and have access from the street from there. All the fencing was to be renewed, the paving […]

Minimalist Garden in South London

The brief for this Putney Garden was to get as much space out of this small area as possible. The garden had hideous paving and not much else in it. It was also slightly “squashed” by high walls. The client wanted a small seating area in which to entertain, a water feature and an area […]

Low maintenance Clapham garden

This is a an awkward shaped garden but is the making of an otherwise simple property. The owners wanted it to become integral to their interior space as they were a young couple that anticipated doing a lot of entertaining. They wanted it to be practical and low maintenance (although they were happy to mow […]