Simple but effective – yet again in Wandsworth!

This garden was a bit of a mess to say the least and the young professional couple, with one small baby girl, wanted something simple but effective designed for their garden.  Their main requirements were good fencing as they are very overlooked, as much lawn as we could possibly give them, very low maintenance so […]

Wandsworth garden – finished!

Here is a  South London garden, based in Wandsworth, needing quite a bit of work doing! The house itself has been beautifully developed and the young couple, with small baby, have now decided it is time to sort out the garden, after the builders’ rubble.  They are north-west facing which is not ideal as the […]

Another South London garden – now finished

This is actually a really lovely garden  as it is nice and wide, although this photo doesn’t do it justice.  The terrace and steps near to the house were already in place and were destined to stay so our job was to give the main garden a facelift and to also attempt to camouflage the […]

Hot planting in Wandsworth

This is a tiny garden that we designed in Wandsworth – it was an unbelievable mess (after builders had transformed the house)  and had to be designed for low maintenance as tennants were moving in and they were not interested in gardening!  We decided to concentrate on putting in very good paving, York stone steps […]

Looking good in June

These flowers spoke for themselves last week when I was at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

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