Bourton House in Gloucestershire has its origins in the 16th century but is to all intents and purposes a fine 18th century Manor House.  The garden has a tranquil atmosphere with a vibrant undercurrent of excitement.  It has beautiful lawns, unusual terraces, a unique shade house and imaginative topiary which includes a parterre and knot […]

‘My favourite bits of Chelsea’ by garden designer Caroline Garland!

This is a wonderful garden which works in terms of colour, beauty and practicality.  The plants are feasible and as a garden designer this is what I want to see.  Particular note has been taken to bring accord between the sculptural elements and the planting and this would work in any English country garden.  It […]

Fulham mews garden designed by Caroline Garland

I have just read a wonderful article by Tim Richardson in the May issue of the Society of Gardenr Designers’ Journal where he talks about ‘conspicuous design’  being a ‘matter of taste’.  In a nutshell he is arguing for the natural and against the ‘over-design’ which takes place more and more in our English gardens.  […]

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