Hydrangea quercifolia as described by Caroline Garland

Hydrangea quercifolia or oak-leaved hydrangea Family name: Hydrangeaceae When this shrub works well it is glorious because of the generous,  heavy cream flowers, in conical panicles with numerous large sterile florets.  It likes the full sun or part shade, and will grow well in almost all aspects, sheltered or exposed.  Therefore it is versatile and […]

Allium giganteum as described by Caroline Garland, garden designer

Allium giganteum or the giant onion It’s family name: Alliaceae   This is one of my absolute favourites.  In fact my gardeners call it my signature plant.. but then I seem to have lots of those! It likes full sun so a south-facing border suits it best, but it will survive perfectly well in north, […]

Caroline Garland, garden designer’s visit to Woolbeding, West Sussex

Given to the National Trust in 1957 by the Lascelles family fro 1972 Woodbeding has been leased to Simon Sainsbury, who restored the 17th century house and created and developed the extensive gardesn with Stewart Grimshaw.  Lanning Roper and Isabel and Julian Bannerman have had a marked influence on the garden’s design which is full […]

The history of Great Fosters is made up of quite a mishmash of owners over the years so has quite a bit of architectural mix going back to Jacobean times but it is a lovely place with surprisingly beautiful gardens encompassing topiary, ancient and contemporary statues and a stunning rose garden with pergola.  If you […]

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