West Lavington Manor

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West Lavington Manor is a 5 acre walled garden first established in C17 by John Danvers who brought Italianate gardens to the UK. There is a stunning herbaceous border,  a redeveloped beautiful Japanese garden with tea house, a new rose garden chockablock full of different varieties,  an orchard and an arboretum with some outstanding specimen trees all centred around a trout stream and duck pond. There is also a new White Birch grove and a walk along the southern bank of the stream.  This garden is so pretty.  It slopes down the water from the house with a ha ha in between and then climbs up the other side with a lovely old (rejuvenated) greenhouse,  walled vegetable gardens and even some vines.  Everywhere you look there are different beautiful aspects with magnificent mature trees dotted around the lawns.  You can visit this garden as a group throughout the year or you have to wait for the next NGS open day, but really do plan to see it as it is being worked on all the time and is one of the loveliest.

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Joie de Vivre

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