Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden: Barn Hill in Hertfordshire

Last week I visited Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden in Hertfordshire.  I caught it just in time as the prairie garden was coming to an end BUT there were still a lot of wonderful specimens and also some Rudbeckia seedheads which were magnificent in their own right.  This day was organised by the Garden Museum at Lambeth […]

I’m in love with my oak leafed hydrangea – Hydrangea quercifolia

The oak leafed hydrangea has to be one of the most beautiful of the hydrangeas and also one of the most beautiful shrubs.  In my garden in Wandsworth my hydrangea has sat in a reasonably difficult corner of my garden and has quietly climbed up to quite a height (well over 6 foot) and has […]

Wreaths and garlands for Christmas

Every year I make wreaths and garlands for Christmas.  Below are some examples of the wreaths I make, but quite honestly I will tailor make them for you.  I have done some fabulous garlands for some incredible houses but in each case very annoyingly I have been unable to photograph them.  But suffice it to […]

10 beautiful purple plants for your summer border

10 beautiful purple plants for your summer border I love the colour purple in a summer border. It is very effective. It is a colour that can be overlooked but it blends in beautifully with greens, whites, yellows, pinks and believe it or not reds. These plants will give you tremendous satisfaction as they are […]