What Vintage can do for your summer bedding colours

As you will see from this article written by Alexandra Campbell (a journalist and author who also teaches ‘how to write a blog’ and ‘write to promote your work’ www.writetopromote.co.uk workshops in London and the South East) I have identified a new angle on garden design – and this is New Vintage. My aim is to replicate the interior designers’ movement towards warmer colours and textures. Floral uphostelry, curtains and wallpapers are re-appearing, textures, colour and warmth are making a comeback! The way that this can happen in your garden is to use some of the beautiful muted colours that you can find in old roses, peonies etc and incoporate some of the softer greens and creams.  Many people tell me “I want a contemporary garden, but I don’t  want anything too stark or modern”. In fact very few will want to throw everything out and start completely from scratch – rather like wanting to keep some of those favourite throws, rugs and cushions when handling interior design. Read Alexandra’s article and see what we feel about New Vintage.

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