Petersham Nurseries fit perfectly into my New Vintage style

We have just spent a couple of hours at Petersham nurseries 

What a lovely place, I had forgotten.   They are based very near Richmond Park.   I went there about 8 years ago for a girlfriend’s birthday party (ALL girls!) and I was reminded to go there by Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona fame!  She pointed out that it fills my New Vintage garden design look perfectly.   This is New Vintage/Shabby Chic at its best.. . lovely pottery, old barrows and watering cans, ornate mirrors,  plants arranged in enticing groups, vibrant and soft colours together.  Take a look at these photos and you’ll see what I mean.  You can book to go there for a wonderful lunch (the nursery closes at 5.00pm) in their cafe – run by their culinary director Lucy Boyd, with head chef Cat Ashton.  However be warned, you need to book some time in advance and it is reasonably expensive tho’ worth it.  BUT what you can do is wander round and then go to their wonderful tea shop where you can choose to either eat a light lunch (delicious soups, crusty breads, salads, quiches etc) or hit actual tea-time and choose from yummy carrot cakes, lemon drizzles, brownies etc – all home made and delicious.  We went for the latter.  Incidentally we have two Jack Russell dogs and didn’t realise that they would be welcome – luckily we had just given them a lovely walk in Richmond Park so they didn’t mind but another time…

This is what they say about themselves:

Internationally prized garden centre, Petersham Nurseries is a tranquil oasis
and seedbed of inspiration.

We invite you to dine in our glasshouse restaurant, browse plants in our nursery, find antiques and gifts in our shop, or sit, wander and enjoy seasonal food and homemade cakes in our teahouse.

We hope to have created a place of calm, away from the bustle of London, somewhere that respects and is in tune with nature and positive living.

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