West Dean and Battersea Park crocus overload!

I spent yesterday at West Dean gardens – dare I call it the second day of Spring?  The first being when I went to Battersea Park at the week-end…  Both garden and park were absolutely glorious, both with a glut of crocus.  West Dean, near Chichester is home to the Edward James Foundation known for […]

Battersea Park in the Springtime!

Once again Spring comes round.  We NEVER thought it could happen after all this rain but the smallest ray of sunshine has started the buds opening and the ground giving way to tiny shoots pushing through.. nature doesn’t give up.  At this time of the year some of the most unassuming plants suddenly take centre […]

Petersham Nurseries fit perfectly into my New Vintage style

We have just spent a couple of hours at Petersham nurseries  What a lovely place, I had forgotten.   They are based very near Richmond Park.   I went there about 8 years ago for a girlfriend’s birthday party (ALL girls!) and I was reminded to go there by Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona fame!  She […]

A spot of Spring sunshine… look at what it has done – at last!

Dare I say it?  Is there a spot of real Spring in the air or am I too early?  Perhaps we’re still expecting more rain or snow even  but in the meantime I’m allowing myself a little spot of excitement as there is nothing like a crocus to make one think that Winter is on […]