Ixia Hogarth or wand flower

Ixia Hogarth or wand flower

If you need a colourful addition to a flower bed that gets hot afternoon sun, you might want to try growing Ixia bulbs. These plants (corms) are commonly called wand flowers, cornflowers or African corn lily plants. Ixia wand flower thrives in the hottest and sunniest areas of the garden, producing attractive, sword-shaped foliage and masses of dainty, star-shaped flowers on wiry stems.

Ixia wand flower corms are South African natives but can be found in garden centres and are usually not expensive, so replanting is not much of a chore.  It is worth the effort when the delicate and colourful blooms appear in the garden. The Ixia wand flower blooms in late spring in the south, while the colourful flowers appear in summer in northern areas.  Like any bulb you’ll be need to think about planting them in the Autumn. Care of wand flowers is simple.  Keep the soil moist during periods of growth. Mulch heavily if you have cold winters and do not lift the corms. 




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