Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’

Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’

Anemones are hardy tubers and naturalize easily in good garden soil, spreading their early-spring cheer in the ephemeral garden under bare trees and shrubs that later leaf out. These daisylike blooms feature thin, silky petals that quickly disperse in the breeze after flowering. A colour range of white, sky blue, pink to the velvety reds and purples of poppy anemones provide jewellike tones for early in the season before the tulips open.


Soak anemone corms in warm water overnight before planting to speed sprouting. These hardy Mediterranean natives flourish in a well-drained, lighter soil in full sun to partial shade. They reach a height of anything between 4 – 12 inches.


Anenome coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’ features broad, overlapping petals in a plus, vibrant purple blue that open around ornate black fringed centres. The showy flowers are poised on thick stems that hold up well in cut bouquets. It blooms in late spring and grows 8-12 inches tall. These dainty windflowers are perfect for creating splashes of colour at the front of sunny borders and make pretty little cut flowers too.

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