Sisyrinchium striatum ‘Variegatum’  or pale yellow-eyed grass ‘Aunt May’ Family:Iridaceae Sisyrinchium can be annuals or rhizomatous perennials forming a clump of narrowly sword-shaped leaves with erect stems carrying solitary or clustered, star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers in spring or summer ‘Aunt May’ is an evergreen perennial forming a clump of erect, sword-shaped grey-green leaves margined with […]

Gaura lindheimeri or White gaura or Lindheimer’s bee blossom Family: Onagraceae This is such a pretty plant.  Graceful tallish fronds of soft white/pink  four-petalled flowers which look lovely for a good length of time in any garden border.  The name Gaura is from the Greek Gauros meaning ‘superb’, and relates to the striking flowers. G. […]

Hydrangea aspera subsp. ‘Sargentiana’ or Sargent hydrangea Family:Hydrangeaceae H. aspera subsp. sargentiana is an upright medium-sized deciduous shrub of open habit, with peeling bark and large, velvety ovate leaves. Flowers in large flat heads, purple or blue, surrounded by white ray florets.  This a really beautiful,  graceful shrub, often overlooked, but don’t because it is […]

Macleaya or plume poppy as described by Caroline Garland, garden designer

Macleaya x kewensis ‘Kelway’s Coral Plume’ or plume poppy ‘Kelway’s Coral Plume’ Family:Papaveraceae Macleaya are large herbaceous rhizomatous perennials with handsome palmately lobed leaves and large airy panicles of tiny flowers.  They tend to be rather underestimated but their leaves are so soft and sagey green that they fill the back of a border splendidly […]