Hot planting in Wandsworth

This is a tiny garden that we designed in Wandsworth – it was an unbelievable mess (after builders had transformed the house)  and had to be designed for low maintenance as tennants were moving in and they were not interested in gardening!  We decided to concentrate on putting in very good paving, York stone steps […]

Looking good in June

These flowers spoke for themselves last week when I was at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

Front gardens and bike sheds in Wandsworth

Yes! You can look like the South of France in Wandsworth.  This is a front garden that we designed last summer and it is doing well and even managing in this awful 2012 English summer! This is a front garden in Wandsworth which was a pebbled mess and which has now had some immaculate brickwork […]

Raised beds in Southfields

This is a very small garden in  Southfields that needed some raised beds (because of dogs.. you can just see him on the right).  The client wanted a wild and formal look all at once in a very small space so I have put in Juniperus skyrockets, Buxus balls, Stachys and  Hebes to give definition […]

Chelsea Physic Garden

The Chelsea Physic Garden has opened its “Garden of Edible and Useful Plants” but it is still young and relatively unformed, although will be an interesting project to follow.  And will help us garden designers who want to put veggies back into the urban garden.  However, it is worth a visit to the Chelsea Physic […]