Seedheads in all their glory!

Having spent the day at Sussex Prairies at the end of July (you must go next year)  the timing was absolutely right – you have never seen anything like the tapestry of colours with swathes of grasses and tall perennials en masse as far as the eye could see I thought I would follow the […]

Memories of a simple lunch in Provence

This lovely late sunshine has brought back memories of a wonderful lunch we had at our friends’ (Sabine and Christopher Hoysted’s) house in Provence.  Sabine is an interior designer but she could equally be a garden designer as her garden just outside St Remy de Provence (Van Gogh country) is delightful and very pretty indeed.  […]

Chartres cathedral and its planting

On our way back from Provence we stopped to look at Chartres cathedral, which is of course magnificent, but which was undergoing alot of renovation so I was delighted to see the beautiful planting to the side of it!  In fact, dare I admit it, as a garden designer I was almost more taken with […]