Garden designer’s w/e in Dungeness!

Spring is nearly here (blackbirds in the garden and daffodils about to burst their little cotton socks) and Caroline Garland, garden designer,  is ready to design your garden.  This is the moment to look at your garden and decide that what you need is some sensitive professional help either with the design of your garden […]

Chelsea Physic appears to be going New Vintage…and lovely snowdrops too! What’s going on at the Chelsea Physic garden… they seem to be building new walls and pillars!  Very beautifully built. dry stone walling etc but rather new vintage in my opinion. They are also doing some interesting lectures on the lovely snowdrop.. give yourself a treat..  

You may have read my recent blog about the wonderful gardens and statuary at Dunsborough Park which I visited at their recent NGS open day. Well I am adding to the blog because the entire collection of garden statuary is coming under the hammer at Christie’s South Kensington. The collection – several of the pieces […]