New Vintage in a small town plot

Posy's town house in the country

Posy’s town house in the country

I have chosen my friend Posy as a case study for my New Vintage garden design theme. This is because she too has a New Vintage approach to planting and garden design.   This approach blends contemporary naturalistic planting with a palette of soft colour and every now and then a surprise of rich colour and mixes the old with the new. She has a passionate interest in plants and has a very beautiful garden.

IMG_1908 (Small)

I decided to talk to her because her garden replicates a London garden.  It is actually based in the south east of England where she advises people on plants and planting.

Irises in a New Vintage garden


Planting and structures to break up a small town garden

·        The planting is clever because in places the borders are daringly deep for such a narrow plot. In fact these borders leave little space on which to walk but they are so rich in colour and texture that you feel as if you are walking through a larger garden altogether

·         A rose pergola spanning the brick path and taking you through to a small space of rough grasses and wild flowers

·        A shed which is part of the kitchen garden at the end of the garden creating another room

3 birches creating a copse

3 birches creating a copse


Muted shades in New Vintage style

Muted shades in New Vintage style

Her planting has all year round interest.

Soft lush New Vintage planting

Soft lush New Vintage planting

3 ways to catch the eye in a small town garden 

·        A small copse of 3 silver birches in the middle of the garden.  Again brave for such a narrow garden.  Your eye weaves round them to see what is beyond. 

·        A lovely bench with cushions in muted colours mirroring the beautiful irises  and the peonies about to flower. Place a third of the way down the garden if you can.

·        A winding brick path which takes you on a journey past these structures and rich planting to a destination where there is a kitchen garden with an old brick wall.

The winding brick path taking you past soft planting, geraniums and saxifraga

The winding brick path taking you past soft planting, geraniums and saxifraga


The kitchen garden wall

The kitchen garden wall

This garden is simple but everything in it is carefully worked to look like ordered chaos.  Perfect for the country but also perfect for the town and perfect as an example of New Vintage.  If you would like to get in touch with Posy who advises on plants and planting do call her on 07807866005

Email or call me if you would like some help with a New Vintage planting scheme.


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