Caroline’s visit to Vann garden

Vann means a fen or a bog but do not be put off by this! The house itself dates back to the 16th century and there is everything there to give you that feel of a rich heritage and well loved home and garden over the years.  It has an extremely inauspicious approach with no grand drive but once you walk into the first part of the garden “the Old Garden” you are taken back in time.  It is quite simply enchanting.  We went on the only dry day between days of torrential rain so some of the spring plants had taken a knocking but there were some wonderful  textures, soft palettes of colour with mixed country/random and in some cases quite wild planting and lots of evidence of perennials to come. The smells were evocative of rich abundant shrub planting and the birds were going mad in the trees with not a screech from a parakeet anywhere.  And so down to the “bog” –  as you can the water was a bit churned up and cloudy from all the torrential rain but what a sumptuos amount of luscious leafy watery marginals

and then through to the wood…

And along the path to the large pond and the beautiful blossomsgorgeous spring plantingand formal, but at the same time random (twisty “tree shaped” wisteria, tall yew hedges and long flower beds with a rill running through them)

the beautiful bendy walland the pergola from the house

Don’t miss this lovely experience.  I haven’t even begun to do the garden justice but go and see for yourself. You need to check their website for opening times as this is very much a private residence.

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