West Green House

We went to see Don Giovanni produced by the English Country House Opera at West Green House last night and what a wonderful evening it was!  A picnic in the beautiful gardens by the lake of this lovely private house owned by the garden designer, Marylyn Abbott.  I urge you to visit her gardens near Hartley Witney in Hampshire. http://www.westgreenhouse.co.uk

West Green House stunning colours - photo taken by Caroline Garland

West Green House vegetable garden - photo by Caroline Garland

Santolinas and sage - photo by Caroline Garland

  • Penny Levinson says:

    I too was at West Green House for the opera last night. Yes the gardens and setting was beautiful . The opera OK I wonder how much rehursal time they had. My husband and I are new Bronze Patrons and Mrs Abbott could not even be bothered to come over and say Hallo and thankyou. Our tea, which was delicious was not cleared away and our puddings from the picnic inedible. I will think twice before returning

    • caroline says:

      Dear Penny I can’t believe that I have only just seen your comment! I clearly wasn’t looking but thank you very much for your comment. Yes, Mrs Abbott has got a bit “above herself” I agree. We made our own picnic so I can’t comment on that but I believe you!! We’ll give a miss next year, but the gardens ARE lovely so perhaps a visit to them alone next time

  • Garden Designer London says:

    Really nice work…. Especially like to mention the portion in the first and last picture…. Pretty nicely prepared and planted….

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